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tummy time water mat
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Tummy Time Water Mat

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Tummy time is key to your baby's development, but it's not always easy to do. For kids tummies, time is quite challenging. That’s why we designed the Tummy Time Water Mat for your baby. Different play mats have different purposes. Some seat your baby on their back or front and you can use them from birth. If you're looking for ways to help your baby with tummy time, try using a mat after a few months when they've built up some initial stamina and a little ability to lift their neck and head.

When your baby is less than 3 months old, you can do a variety of activities to support them forward and encourage them to hold their head up. Using a baby carrier, resting them on your chest, or holding them over your shoulder can be a great aid in initially strengthening their neck muscles.

  • Product Name: Tummy Time Water Mat
  • Brand: The Moms Life Hack
  • Form Factor: Mat
  • Ingredient Heavy Duty PVC
  • Color: Multicolour
  • Item Condition: Brand new
  • Size: Free size
  • Gender: Unisex
About this item:

Material: Our baby water mats are durable, 100% BPA-free, and made from non-toxic, heavy-duty PVC materials. Each of our sports mats has been rigorously tested. It is durable and waterproof, so it will not wet your baby's body.

Custom Comfort: The Water Fill Playmat is an essential tool for developing a strong head. which stimulates baby development, strengthening neck and shoulder muscles, as well as hand-eye coordination, fine motor, and social skills. In addition to improving brain development, it is a sensory pleasure.

Eye-catching:  Attracted to shiny colors, sharp contrasts, and cute floating toys. Rain or shine your baby will try to catch the brightly colored toys as they float by. It provides hours of quality stimulation and healthy fun.

Size:  Wide 26" Tall 20" and Height 2.4" for ages 3 months and up.

Easy To Use: Fill the outer ring with air and the inner mat with tap water, set it on the floor, and enjoy! The product can be folded easily and taken anywhere.

Easy to store and carry around: Once the water and air are out, fold it flat and it will fit in a backpack.

Keeps baby curious: Baby's tummy time is busy when they have 6 swimming ocean shapes and sizes to explore. Even if your little one isn't the biggest fan of tummy time, they'll have a better chance of hitting the recommended 30 minutes per day when they're busy exploring.

Added physical & cognitive benefits: As your baby's first teacher, you will enjoy watching them develop their hands and begin to learn dexterity. When babies are on their stomachs, they will also build neck, shoulder, abdominal, back, and arm strength.

When should I use a tummy time water mat?

Our recommendation is to use a tummy time water mat when your baby is 3 months old. At 3 months your baby can properly engage with black-and-white visual cues and has enough strength to support himself for short periods of time to be able to benefit from a play mat.

How to use a water mat?

Give your baby some space to explore, adding some toys or visual aids close at hand to help if needed. So that they spend a long time on their tummy to help encourage them to see and reach for things. When your baby learns to roll over and crawl, they try to get off the normal mat. So this mat helps encourage them to spend more time on the mat.

When will your baby enjoy a tummy time water mat?

During the third to the fourth month, your baby will be able to support more of their weight with their arms. This can help them lift their heads a little higher and engage more with the floating shapes on the mat during water tummy time. At 4 months, your baby should have more control over their neck muscles. At this age, the Tummy water play mat will help to increase the amount of fun your child spends in front of them. Experts recommend that by 4 months, your baby should spend 60 to 90 minutes on his tummy. But it should be spent 3/4 times, not at once. 




3 minute

1-2 months

3-5 minute

2-4 months

45 minutes - 1 hr

4-6 months

1 - 2 hr

This can be quite difficult to achieve without giving your baby the right support and enough entertainment to keep them on their tummy for long periods of time. If they get pretty upset after a minute, you can put them down in front of you 60 times a day to help them get time.

What are the benefits of tummy time?
  • Promotes gross motor skills
  • Improves baby's visual acuity
  • May help prevent the flat head syndrome
  • Cool hard floors provide protection from dust, germs, and bacteria.
  • Helps to develop a strong neck, baby's senses, and shoulder muscles
  • Helps the baby build the strength needed to roll over, sit, crawl and eventually walk
Why use the tummy time water mat?

This tummy time play mat is constructed from heavy-duty PVC that has been thoroughly tested and does not leak air or water. Put water in the middle of the mat and inflate the edges with air. It has a standard 26 x 20-inch size that fits all baby girls or boys above 3 months. The soft, comfortable tummy time water mat is the perfect sensory toy for developing strong head, neck, and shoulder muscles as well as refining hand-eye coordination, fine motor, and social skills. Bright, colorful sea creatures and eye-catching illustrations will keep your child entertained for hours.

What is the best surface for tummy time?

A blanket or tummy time mat on a firm, flat surface works well. A floor is an ideal place. You can lay your baby's tummy on your stomach or chest or on your lap. If the baby does not respond to tummy time on his own, try to engage him.

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Terrill Cremin

The rug is excellent, delivery is fast, thank you very much to the seller, my son really liked it

Mylene Leannon

Item as described. baby is happy

Tremaine Gleason

the package arrived very quickly, thank you very much to the seller for taking care of the buyers, I advise everyone to order here, but if you have pets, kittens, then it’s better not to take them well, or follow and clean for the night in a place where the animals can’t get the mat, otherwise they will bite,

Aletha Reichel

It comes like a sea mattress that you buy only filled with water instead of air
Looks good quality

Lilian McLaughlin

The mat arrived earlier than the stated time, everything is fine