Menstrual Period Heating Waist Belt
Menstrual Period Heating Waist Belt

Menstrual Period Heating Waist Belt

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  • MENSTRUAL RELIEF The menstrual heating pad is designed to provide solutions for women's abdominal discomfort or menstrual pain caused by menstruation, allowing you to relax more comfortably at home. Painful menstrual periods and other disorders might occur if the lower abdomen feels cold. Every woman needs a heating pad.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION wireless portable heating pad boasts 3-speed quick heating and 4-speed vibration modes. You may adjust the temperature and massage mode to get the most comfortable setting for relieving discomfort on your abdomen or waist.
  • QUALITY  MATERIAL The cordless heating pad for cramps belt is made of high-quality soft fabric, which is light and breathable, as well as comforting and warm when worn against the skin. The speed and temperature are displayed on an LED display screen. The adjustable high-elastic belt can be readily adjusted for all waistlines.
  • MULTI-USE The pink menstrual relief pad can be used in multiple scenarios. The belt is charged through the USB port. You can have a break with its heating or vibration features on at home, at the workplace, on the way to work, or in other scenarios

Customer Reviews

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Lance Bauch

it works. it has different temperatures and massage modes

Stephania Ruecker

it looks exactly like the picture. heating is very fast, but it's not that hot. it's just comfortably warm.

Quinten Towne

i love this product 😍great packaging and it works perfect 😍

Aimee Price

Working as expected for two days now. Hope it can last.

Micah Jast

The massage of this device is gentle BUT the battery lasts all day if you use the device without the heat option. I have not yet tested how long the device continues to massage if the heat option is also on at the same time as the massage option.