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Glass Baby Bottles and Bottle Warmer
glass baby bottle
Glass Baby Bottles and Bottle Warmer

2-in-1 Push & Feed Glass Baby Bottles and Bottle Warmer

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Babies become impatient and cry when hungry. If you are looking for an easy way to prepare your baby's bottles then our Glass Baby Bottles & warmer is perfect for you. Our push-and-feed bottle was created with you in mind. This instant milk bottle solves the frustrating problem of waiting for water to boil to make milk for your baby. It is a 2-in-1 push feed bottle that is completely portable.

  • Product Name: Glass Baby Bottles
  • Brand: The Moms Life Hack
  • Form Factor: Bottle and Bottle Warmer
  • Pattern: Patchwork
  • Type: Storage bag
  • Caliber: Wide mouth
  • Use: Food
  • Origin: CN (origin)
  • Material: Food-grade
  • Color: Multicolour
  • Item Condition: Brand new
  • Age: 0-12 months
About this item:

Ingredient: Glass baby bottles are made of food-grade ingredients, BPA-free, lead-free, phthalate-free, and PVC-free. It's easy to drink cold or warm milk to keep your newborn warm.

Easy To Carry: A feeding bottle and bottle warmer are recommended for picnics, camping, and other outdoor activities. The milk bottle and bottle warmer can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

Portable Thermostat: The ultra-thin and lightweight design of this thermal baby milk bottle allow your baby to quickly have fresh warm milk at home, or on the go.

Other Benefits:  It is easy to access and carry. The bottle comes with a storage bag which helps you store all required pieces safely.

Gift:  It is a great gift for baby showers, birthdays, Christmas, New Year's Day, and other special occasions.

Set: A warm bag storage compartment will hold 1 glass bottle with a silicone nipple.

Size: S size nipple (150-180ml) suitable for 0-3 months baby 

         M size nipple (240-300ml) suitable for 3-6 months baby

How does it work?

Simply input the formula above. Add water to the bottom of the bottle, and use the heating bottle warmer to keep the water warm. When the baby is ready to eat, just push down and the formula will come out. Then you can shake the bottle and feed the baby.

We aim to make late nights easier by providing the following benefits:
  • 2-in-1 push feed bottle.
  • Convenient charging.
  • Medium-flow milk is ready in 5 seconds.
  • It is small, lightweight, portable, and has a dispenser.
  • Heats up quickly to the perfect temperature.
  • Charges with USB port, power bank, and 5V-2A safety voltage.
  • Made of high-quality borosilicate glass, an option of a PPSU feeding bottle
  • Environmentally friendly ingredient. BPA-free, safe, and healthy for babies.
  • Solves the frustrating problem of waiting for water to boil to make milk for your baby.
Why should I use glass baby bottles & bottle warmer?

Our glass Bottle & Bottle warmer heat your milk bottle quickly. This is a special benefit when your little one is screaming for safety at 3 am. Our bottle warmer has built-in features to prevent overheating. So you never have to worry about giving your baby a very hot bottle. It is comfortable and reliable.

What are the benefits of our bottle warmer?

A bottle warmer is a safe and effective gadget that quickly warms bottles of breast milk or formula. Most bottle warmers run on electricity and need to be plugged in. However, there are a few battery-powered options on the market today like ours, which allows it to be portable. Maximum bottle warmers use steam or hot water to fast-heat bottles of various sizes. Ours is Heat powered and has temperature-control settings.

Now let's talk about the good, the bad, and everything in between when it comes to glass baby bottles and warmer.


keeps baby's milk at a constant temperature without overheating.


Our Glass bottles and bottle warmer are considered healthier options rather than microwaves or plastic materials. Our bottle and warmer heat milk without causing uneven heating or seriously damaging the properties of the milk. Microwaves heat milk unevenly, with some areas too hot and others not so hot. It can also reduce the nutritional content of breast milk and can also damage nutrients in the formula.


Our Bottle and Bottle warmers are made compact and do not take up much space. They can fit nicely in your baby bag or regular bag and are ideal for traveling without the need for electrical outlets. Our Bottle warmers are compatible with your car charger or are battery-powered.


Unlike microwaves and stoves, you don't have to constantly check the temperature while the milk is heating. With our bottle warmer you simply place the bottle in the central container. Then fill it with water and turn it on. That's it.

Our Baby bottle with a bottle warmer is the best choice for feeding your baby with breast milk and formula. So keep your baby happily fed with our best glass baby bottles.

Customer Reviews

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Kylee Deckow

The bottle is just super. I was still worried that she was made of glass and pleasantly surprised. I will definitely take the same more, for the future. They packed just super in a navel piece, the box came in perfect condition. Recommend!

Stone Carroll

Excellent quality. It came well packed. Immediately began to use. Quality goods It is better to order plastic. This bottle is made of fragile glass. Broke down when trying to wash, hit slightly against the sink and all. So expensive and so fragile glass. Not worth it. And the heater is excellent. I use for other bottles. But I bought for canteiner for the mixture. Sorry does not fit other bottles.

Kristopher Schuppe

Cool) I hope the child comes in

Lilliana Keebler

2-in-1 Push & Feed (Formula Making Bottle/Blender) & Bottle Warmer

Concepcion Graham

Charging power supply is not suitable for Russian outlets, and so everything works I'm very happy.